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An overview of home automation


In our view, home automation should not just be Audio and Video and Lights. It’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).  It can be plumbing, and most importantly, its power management. The basic building blocks in themselves are not particularly environmentally efficient, but with good programming and use of the right components these systems can manage power consumption in your household.

A centralised system allows access to a number of users in a variety of locations, within or even close to the home. The breakthrough that has liberated this concept is hard disk media storage. This surprisingly pleasing device can store your media in either compressed (MP3/AVI) format, or at full CD/DVD quality. Depending on drive size, it can offer many hours of music to dozens of users all having independent control of their music choice. It can even be play different tracks from the same source - or even different points in the same track - without affecting the other users. Adding radio and perhaps the output from your main hi-fi system can give remarkable levels of flexibility. Through programmed screens, albums, films, radio and television stations can be found by title. The use of centralised sources removes endless clutter, and in conjunction with lighting, provides a really theatrical environment at home.

The use of power management systems, integrated into the mains wiring, enables the system to sense whether an item of equipment is currently being used, or not, and can therefore switch it off, although home automation equipment itself is currently not energy efficient in it's self this kind of program function is very efficient in conserving energy usage. It is now regarded that so much equipment that is either on or on standby, wastes huge amounts of power nationally. Combined with green energy generation, we are seriously able to reduce household carbon emissions and energy bills.

Our pro AV roots have led us towards methods that enhance aspects of these systems, delivering the best sonic performance using broadcast and pro studio wiring techniques